The new FWA

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Yes, i was very excited to see the new version of TheFWA’s website (they planned to release it on march 1st, besides i knew that group94 were doin it). And 2day was the release date actually. And i’ve just seen it and i should say that i’m VERY dissapointed with it (not with the dev, but the concept). Why u’d ask? Well, i’ve got an explanation for that. The navigation is not that convinient as it used to, selected work description loads and replaces the whole content now (which’s damn unhandy), and there’re PAGE RELOADS now which i HATE. My opinion’s that TheFWA’s ruined 4 now.
Pluses: yeah, SEO increased, more ads space. Bravo 1/4.

I liked the previous version more. :(
Honestly, guys, the previous version was better.

Adobe + Android = friends



Yes! Adobe officially announced Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR for Android.
Kevin Hoyt recorded a great video showing some air apps demos running on Motorola’s Droid device.

Read more at Lee Brimelow’s blog

UPD: Thibault Imbert and Michael tryed out the flash player 10.1 on the Google Nexus One phone. They tested out some flash web sites, games which weren’t actually optimized for the mobile platform i.e. those r typical web sites from the fwa. And the nexus one managed to get that content work nice and smoth.

Flash Player 10.1 on Google Nexus One from michael chaize on Vimeo.

ps: don’t forget that cs5 (which will improve dev for the mobile devices including iphone) is about to release soon :)

My Brute’s coming back

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Do u guys remember the MyBrute casual flash game?

Valentin Simonov recently showed me a sort of modification of MyBrute called Crouching panda hidden swine (wonder who came to that name :) .

Anyways, the game is awesome! Nice graphics, animation, gameplay.
It really makes u relax a bit. Totally recommend it.
Try it your own.

ps: btw mybrute has just emailed me to “stay tuned” omg my account is still there

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