Project Monocle a true profiler



Can’t tell HOW am i excited about this new “monocle” profiler introduced by Thibault Imbert.
Needless to say anything. Just watch and enjoy.

Introducing Project “Monocle” from Thibault Imbert on Vimeo.

Flash Player + mouse right-click



Flash Player 11.2 finally got the right-mouse button back!
Congrats! :)

Lee Brimelow posted a nice demo.

To achieve this, you’ll need to listen for the new MouseEvent.RIGHT_CLICK mouse event

Similans and Flash cs6

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While i was snorkeling at the Similan island’s shore, Adobe has release the next new version of Flash cs6. The main feature’s the js export + some minor fixes/addons.

Google swiffy




The news about the new “flash killer” (adobe shared the wallaby source code to google or it’s just a clone?) flew over around the web (even Lee Brimelow posted about it). So i’ve decided to check it out and see it myself.
So, i made a simple as2 movie compiled for fp6 ( they recommend version below 8 ) to see if swiffy could manage to convert it.

Original as2 movie

Swiffy output

it’s you to comment…

Around the world trip or greets from Russia

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A russian partner of mine Oleg Radul (CEO of the Kemo LLC) is starting his trip around the world on his Mitsubishi L200 :)
So, if u r open to meeting new people from far away, keep track of his blog to catch him up in your city to get together and have some beer ^_^

Most important — here’s his route (clickable):

ps: more about the trip in his blog (thank u google ^_^)

SWFSize on gitHub



SWFSize master branch is now available at GitHub, so that those of u that use svn/git could easily pull the source.

Adobe max 2010 1st day




Today was the 1st day of the Adobe max 2010, and as far as some of you already know, i wasn’t able to attend it personally, so i had to watch it live at (btw in HD !!!).
I won’t write a poem about it, as tomorrow there will be one available at the said above they’ve already posted the replay of today’s session. However i just owe to mention what really impressed me and that was the Alternativa’s 3d game called “Max racer” (a demo of the new, 8th edition of the engine), which was presented by Kevin Lynch as a sneak peak of fp’s performance increasement.

Ough, and the most important notice: check out the today’s replay

I guess, that’s it for now. Now, back to work. Cheers ;)

Microsoft buys Adobe?



There’s that rumor walking around the web that ms intends to purchase adobe.
What for? Didn’t they just yell about SL being the future of the web 2.0?
I guess it’s just a rumor and possibly a marketing strategy (adobe’s shares increased about 17%).

Flash on apple devices, finally?



The European Union’s new Digital Agenda, an ambitious program of incentives and legislation designed to improve access to technology across the EU, could force companies such as Apple to open up their businesses by requiring them to offer more interoperability and use open standards. It could force more openness even if those companies are not the dominant player in a specific market, because the language in the EU Agenda says that such measures could apply merely to “significant” players in a market — broadening the scope of previous antitrust rules substantially.

Could that be true? Flash player support on i-devices, really? Or just another rumor?

more info here =>

ps: 0k, that’s it guys. I’m fed up with that apple stuff, let’s get back to development :)

Flash on the iPad

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Well, finally someone’d found some courage to stop Steve’s flash rage :)

Frash is a port of the Adobe Flash runtime for Android to the iPhone, using a compatibility layer, by comex ( Frash can currently run most Flash programs natively in the MobileSafari browser. Frash currently only runs on the iPad, but support for other devices (3GS+ only due to technical restrictions) is planned, as well as support for iOS 4.

A release is planned for when Frash is stable. Developers are welcome to join the effort at – fork it and send a pull request with your patches.

Frash uses a multi-process model similar to Chrome on the desktop, so a crash in the Frash/Flash plugin doesn’t take down the browser. You can see this while I’m playing Alien Hominid: the ad above crashed (probably a Frash bug), but Safari stays open just fine, and continues to play other Flash content on the page.

Video and keyboard input are currently not supported. The former will require major reverse engineering of the video decoding frameworks on the iPhone, but the latter should be reasonably easy to implement.

…and if anyone from Adobe reads this: Hosting the binary somewhere accessible outside the Android Market would make this a lot easier to distribute :) .

Shot on an iPhone 4 and edited using iMovie on the phone.

ps: muhaha, i told u Steve that yr rage was useless ;)

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