Around the world trip or greets from Russia

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A russian partner of mine Oleg Radul (CEO of the Kemo LLC) is starting his trip around the world on his Mitsubishi L200 :)
So, if u r open to meeting new people from far away, keep track of his blog to catch him up in your city to get together and have some beer ^_^

Most important — here’s his route (clickable):

ps: more about the trip in his blog (thank u google ^_^)

as3scorm updated

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Just a short post to let you know, that i’ve updated the as3scorm lib (simple course example added).
Might be useful to get started with the lib fast.

MAXRacer live



Ough, almost forgot… Remember that Alternativa’s racing demo at the Adobe MAX?
Well, guess what — they’ve uploaded it, so u can go and drive that ferrari (or whatever that is) on your own now (link below) :)

Take a MAXRacer ride

Copying objects bytearray vs for in loop



I was curious, which of those would be quicker in the “copying objects” battle — bytearray / for in loop.
Foreseeing your possible thoughts, “yes” i do realize that those methods actually differ (bytearray copies the entire object, uses describeType etc), but still curiosity takes over :)
And, frankly, i was surprized with the results. See it for yourself.

Read more

SWFSize on gitHub



SWFSize master branch is now available at GitHub, so that those of u that use svn/git could easily pull the source.

Math.atan2 and zeros



Keep in mind that

trace(0 === -0);			// true
trace(Math.atan2(0, 0));	// 0
trace(Math.atan2(0, -0));	// 3.141592653589793
trace(Math.atan2(-0, -0));	// -3.141592653589793

function posZero(n:Number) { if(n === 0) return Math.abs(n); }

SCORM 1.2/2004 as3 implementation



as3 loves scorm

It’s been a while since i last posted in my blog thx to the holidays and the the enormous num of projects that’ve fallen down. One of my lastest projects was to build a swf course for an LMS using the SCORM standart. That’s when i’ve ran across Philip Hutchison’s blog and his SCORM project. After a few days of SCORM researches and running through the pipwerks SCORM solution, i came up with the idea to make an extention of it, which would fully implement SCORM 1.2 and 2004 “from the box” in the nearest future (currently a beta yet it works). [to be continued...]

So, here’s my version of the SCORM implementation for as3:

Download as3scorm at sourceforge (OS, MIT license as always)

UPDATE: added a new archive with a sample course

Might be useful:
SCORM 2004 4th edition (and some more)
SCORM resourses, books, articles, tools etc
Adobe’s serialization as3corelib
Philip Hutchison’s aka pipwerks SCORM labs

ps: Philip thx A LOT for yr help! Btw if u have any scorm related questions, do not hesitate to contact either me or Philip

Adobe max 2010 1st day




Today was the 1st day of the Adobe max 2010, and as far as some of you already know, i wasn’t able to attend it personally, so i had to watch it live at (btw in HD !!!).
I won’t write a poem about it, as tomorrow there will be one available at the said above they’ve already posted the replay of today’s session. However i just owe to mention what really impressed me and that was the Alternativa’s 3d game called “Max racer” (a demo of the new, 8th edition of the engine), which was presented by Kevin Lynch as a sneak peak of fp’s performance increasement.

Ough, and the most important notice: check out the today’s replay

I guess, that’s it for now. Now, back to work. Cheers ;)

Microsoft buys Adobe?



There’s that rumor walking around the web that ms intends to purchase adobe.
What for? Didn’t they just yell about SL being the future of the web 2.0?
I guess it’s just a rumor and possibly a marketing strategy (adobe’s shares increased about 17%).

Mozilla’s mobile phone concept

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Have u already seen the mozilla’s seabird mobile phone concept?
As for me, finally, someone made a mobile phone (even if just a concept for now) that i would like to have for sure.
Damn, i would kill for that phone :)

Read more about mozilla seabird

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