Flash on apple devices, finally?



The European Union’s new Digital Agenda, an ambitious program of incentives and legislation designed to improve access to technology across the EU, could force companies such as Apple to open up their businesses by requiring them to offer more interoperability and use open standards. It could force more openness even if those companies are not the dominant player in a specific market, because the language in the EU Agenda says that such measures could apply merely to “significant” players in a market — broadening the scope of previous antitrust rules substantially.

Could that be true? Flash player support on i-devices, really? Or just another rumor?

more info here => http://bit.ly/abeBdC

ps: 0k, that’s it guys. I’m fed up with that apple stuff, let’s get back to development :)

Google decides to intergrate Flash Player in Google Chrome

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Google is a key participant in the Open Screen Project and shares our commitment to driving innovation on the Web. With this common goal in mind, Adobe and Google are collaborating to take the Flash Player experience to the next level by supporting a deeper integration with Google’s Chrome browser. Today, Google is releasing the initial integration of Flash Player with Chrome in their developer channel, behind a command line flag. Moving forward, Google will be including Flash Player in Chrome so users will always have the most current release and a safer and more seamless experience.

We believe this initiative will help our users in the following ways:
* When users download Chrome, they will also receive the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. There will be no need to install Flash Player separately.
* Users will automatically receive updates related to Flash Player using Google Chrome’s auto-update mechanism. This eliminates the need to manually download separate updates and reduces the security risk of using outdated versions.
* With Adobe’s help, we plan to further protect users by extending Chrome’s “sandbox” to web pages with Flash content.

More about it here:
Bringing improved support for Adobe Flash Player to Google Chrome
Improved Flash Player Support in Chrome

ps: ain’t that awesome? No need for player detection, version updates in Chrome now ^_^