ActionScript 4 required or a method from the future



While surfing the flex docs i bumped into this method.
Btw, as4 is not just a rumor as the ecma4 development still continues.

ps: sry for the late update, i’ve got tons of projects… :(

Flex CursorManager vs jloa

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So there i was, trying to build my latest application which involved run-time cursor loading/usage.
I knew that the flex sdk had that static CursorManager class (i.e. mx.core.CursorManager), but as i looked up the manual – there’s no loadIcon() method, only setters that require class references which is sooooo unhandy if u deal with run-time loading assets (like i do).
So, i got myself some coffee, opened the eclipse and after some time spend – eureka!
I came to this slight solution which besides is elementary. :)

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Flex Button icon load failed?

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The only thing why flex sucks is that components can’t actually load icons (Button class for example) i thought.

Yes, but that was until i found Ben Stucki‘s slight solution to this issue.
He wrote a nice utility class called IconUtility which creates BitmapAssets at run-time. This class is huge.
Sample button icon load up code:

var myBtn:Button = new Button();

myBtn.label = "press me";
myBtn.setStyle("icon", IconUtility.getClass(myBtn, "assets/my_icon.png"));

IconUtility Component for Dynamic Run-Time Icons

Download: IconUtility Class (302 kb)