ResourceMonitor v2 = ResourceMonitorUtil [updated to 2.1]



UPD: i’ve updated the class to version 2.1, fixed some bugs, added new features, switched the license to MIT !

yellow – current fps
cyan – current memory usage
red – max memory usage graph

As lots of you asked me to add some new features like the font color changing, performance increasement etc, i decided to make a new version of the ResourceMonitor class. I’ve added a few new features, made the code more ammm more readable (well, it’s an os class, so probably u’d like to edit smth there) and i’ve even made a documentation this time :)
And i also decided to rename it to ResourceMonitorUtil.

Class usage also has shorten.


import com.chargedweb.utils.ResourceMonitorUtil;

rawChildren.addChild(new ResourceMonitorUtil());


import com.chargedweb.utils.ResourceMonitorUtil;

addChild(new ResourceMonitorUtil());

Blah-blah-blah, just let me download the ResourceMonitorUtil source code already

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