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Well, i’m not a js-developer actually, however i had to write a small tooltip in js 2day and i thought that some of you would probably find it usefull. Won’t post the source code here this time, but the demo and source archive are still available @see the links below.

  • Lightweight
  • Supports basic fade effects
  • Easy to use
  • Uses external png graphics
  • Supports html
  • Works in all browsers

Check out the online demo or grab the source files

ps: thx DryIcons for the icon.

SWFSize lib – working with browser/controlling swf metrics at run-time

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SWFSize is a simple, lightweight library to control the swf’s container metrics & use the browser’s native scrollbars.
Project page http://chargedweb.com/swfsize/.

UPD: version updated to 1.1
UPD: version updated to 1.2
UPD: version updated to 1.3
UPD: version updated to 1.4.0
UPD: version updated to 1.4.1