SCORM 1.2/2004 as3 implementation



as3 loves scorm

It’s been a while since i last posted in my blog thx to the holidays and the the enormous num of projects that’ve fallen down. One of my lastest projects was to build a swf course for an LMS using the SCORM standart. That’s when i’ve ran across Philip Hutchison’s blog and his SCORM project. After a few days of SCORM researches and running through the pipwerks SCORM solution, i came up with the idea to make an extention of it, which would fully implement SCORM 1.2 and 2004 “from the box” in the nearest future (currently a beta yet it works). [to be continued...]

So, here’s my version of the SCORM implementation for as3:

Download as3scorm at sourceforge (OS, MIT license as always)

UPDATE: added a new archive with a sample course

Might be useful:
SCORM 2004 4th edition (and some more)
SCORM resourses, books, articles, tools etc
Adobe’s serialization as3corelib
Philip Hutchison’s aka pipwerks SCORM labs

ps: Philip thx A LOT for yr help! Btw if u have any scorm related questions, do not hesitate to contact either me or Philip

JSCompressor or a GIU for the YUI Compressor

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While the whole world is on fire, i made a small air app which actually is a GUI for the yahoo’s YUI Compressor util.

About the YUI Compressor tool:

The YUI Compressor is written in Java (requires Java >= 1.4) and relies on Rhino to tokenize the source JavaScript file. It starts by analyzing the source JavaScript file to understand how it is structured. It then prints out the token stream, omitting as many white space characters as possible, and replacing all local symbols by a 1 (or 2, or 3) letter symbol wherever such a substitution is appropriate (in the face of evil features such as eval or with, the YUI Compressor takes a defensive approach by not obfuscating any of the scopes containing the evil statement) The CSS compression algorithm uses a set of finely tuned regular expressions to compress the source CSS file. The YUI Compressor is open-source, so don’t hesitate to look at the code to understand exactly how it works.

In short, YUI Compressor is a jar tool which compresses *.js files. Sure, u can use it through the command line as described here, however just give JSCompressor a try :)

AIR: 2.0 run-time installed (in case u don’t have it click here)
OS: win
Download: jscompressor.exe

ps: i just love making small apps is my spare time ^_^

js tooltip




Well, i’m not a js-developer actually, however i had to write a small tooltip in js 2day and i thought that some of you would probably find it usefull. Won’t post the source code here this time, but the demo and source archive are still available @see the links below.

  • Lightweight
  • Supports basic fade effects
  • Easy to use
  • Uses external png graphics
  • Supports html
  • Works in all browsers

Check out the online demo or grab the source files

ps: thx DryIcons for the icon.

SWFSize lib – working with browser/controlling swf metrics at run-time

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SWFSize is a simple, lightweight library to control the swf’s container metrics & use the browser’s native scrollbars.
Project page

UPD: version updated to 1.1
UPD: version updated to 1.2
UPD: version updated to 1.3
UPD: version updated to 1.4.0
UPD: version updated to 1.4.1