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What's SWFSize for?

SWFSize is a small (really small) library for Adobe Flash technology that works in collaboration with SWFObject and provides control over the swf's container metrics. By controlling the swf’s container metrics SWFSize gives you the ability to solve the MAC OS mouse wheel issue once and for all; don’t use workarounds - use the browser's native scrollbars instead.

Key features (may vary due to updates):

  • works with SWFObject
  • gather/track browser's window metrics
  • control the swf's container metrics
  • use the browser's native scrollbars (solves the MAC OS issues)


The current release version is 1.4.1


SWFSize is licensed under CreativeCommons 3.0 & GPLv3



Here you can find the latest documentation.


Download SWFSize v.1.4.1 full package (2,8mb docs, samples, sources)
Download or just the core source lib (130kb docs, sources).
Download View the latest source code at GitHub


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